An Inquiry Project

The assignment was to “learn something” and “present”. I did learn something, and it definitely took me the 5-6 required hours, but the process was what I believe what we, as students, were to really learn. The frustration, the wanting to give up, the willingness to pay to get it done, the wanting to take it to the landfill, or throw it out the window. We were each given the opportunity to be challenged as students to take our learning to the next level. To be self-directed.

As adults we think we naturally do this, but I am not sure that we spend the time to challenge ourselves at something ‘new’. I chose to learn a piece of technology. Specifically an app on the Ipad that our students have in the kits they receive for school.

The thing about our presentation was to talk about the learning experiences we had and not to teach what we learned. It was difficult. We each were so excited to share. I am seeing such value in the debrief at the end of a class; letting everyone discuss their excitement as well as their challenges.

One thing leads to another and in the set up of my presentation I not only learned one presentation tool but 2! Yup, that is my very own ADD coming out! I also knew that my own instructor was aware at how easily distracted I was because once I had a topic she was very quick to help me narrow down the specifics.

My journey took me to Haiku Deck Presentations where I learned to use technology to create a more interesting presentation for my students as well as help me make it a little more active discussion by adding some interesting pictures. Being super excited about this I also learned how to make a google presentation to be able to present this.

My brain is very full!


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