Digital Storytelling……


I am very excited with the new approaches to the act of trying to impart knowledge from one person to another. I am seeing so many possibilities in various points along my curriculum, to engage the students just a little bit deeper and to maybe encourage them to be just a little more interested in the pieces along the way that don’t seem as exciting.

I see this digital storytelling as a very useful tool, or so I am hoping, and I will find out next week possibly when I incorporate it into the 2 weeks we will spend in our foundations of color class. I currently use text book, lithographs and flip charts to teach this class. I am looking forward to finding the resources on line where I can involve my students to “make their own story” about color. I am also expecting to be able to see more thoroughly how well they understand what we will be talking about.

I plan to have my students use google docs for journal purposes as we are debriefing at the end of class. In keeping with a single tool for them to learn, I will also use the google slides or the google drawing.

My plan is where I would put a flip chart page, I will look to find a resource or an activity where I believe the students personal involvement will not only keep them focused, it will give them a tactile activity to help encourage the learning and memory process from their personal experience. Keeping a record of their own learning in a digital story will also facilitate their problem solving skills in the future because they will not only remember to go back to their notes, but now they would have a visual tool as well. I love how this will incorporate several learning styles!!


Once upon a time, not so long ago I entered a classroom where I was NOT the teacher, but instead found myself as the student. I was super excited!….. Until the scary villain showed its horrifying face in the form of a paperless class! I was prepared to learn, but not prepared to learn this! (Yes, there are many exclamation points in this PG rated blog)…..

Now I know how my students feel when the science of hair comes at them?


One thought on “Digital Storytelling……

  1. I like the idea of keeping the technology simple. It would seem to me that it keeps the focus on the content, not the tech. I like how you said “to engage the students just a little bit deeper”, I find that that is always the challenge in the classroom. Engaging the students so the learning is created from their own perspective and forces them to take ownership of their education, is what student-centered learning is all about. I also think your comment about the multiple learning styles that are covered in Digital storytelling is quite pertinent. That seem to be a theme with the student-centered approach.

    I hope it works out well for you and your students when you try it out. Do you see this becoming a staple in your instructor toolbox?



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