The Flipped Classroom?

Flipped Classroom? How is it going to work for me?

I find that most of my students, not all but most, are arriving in my classroom with a not so successful history of high school. We are a creative bunch and that is not always encouraged in an academic world. The varied learning styles that accompany this incredible group of people that flock to my industry usually contains many kinesthetic learners, along with the visual and auditory learners. Because we are the trade industry of hair styling, many of our students expect the hands on learning and are incredibly excited to get started. The learning curve hits when we start to get into the theory behind our trade. Many students are discouraged and become quickly disengaged when it is time to be in the classroom. I am super excited to be able to incorporate many of these new ways of engaging my students to gain the knowledge of why and what they are learning.

I teach to a test. There are practical tests to do as well, but the last hurdle is the provincial red seal exam which gives them their license to practice as a journeyman hairstylist. I believe I can bring more intrigue and interest by getting my students to buy-in to what they need to know with this technique of flipping a classroom. The students I have love their technology. I am encouraged to draw their interests to the classroom by being able to assign pre-work, a little pre-research, before some of the tougher theory classes where they will come to class with questions and some excitement rather than the humdrum feel that follows many.

Along with this pre-assignment I recognize that there will need to be some direction given. I believe that many of my students would need some guidance for the first few attempts at this kind of assignment. With a little less information given with each task I do believe that they would enjoy the responsibility and the accountability this would give them and I see it driving them forward with less resistance to the classroom learning that needs to take place.


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