Student-Centered Learning

This reflection is in reference to the following article.

This is a very interesting article that provides a model for self-directed learning. The author, Terry Heick, gives us some interesting facts about this learning model. Self-directed learning is where the student decides what they would learn and how they will choose to acquire the knowledge to do so. Terry has given us a model in this article that he wrote at TeachThought which provides us with a way of seeing the process a student would go through to learn in a self-directed manner.

I really enjoyed this article and found it to be interesting, enlightening and even challenging to be able to find some ways to use it in my own classroom. In considering this method I am grateful that I have adult students because I feel that this method needs more life experience to make more informed choices. I like the idea of this model but I also feel challenged as to how I will apply it to my classroom. I am looking to consider teaching this model to a classroom where the students will first learn the idea of what would be required of them, and then to give them a few topics to choose from and them let them run with their ideas and see how this process would work for them. In my current, and limited, experience I feel strongly that an explanation of this learning model would need to be given to the students as to not over-whelm them.

I am excited to see how this process will grow the students in more than just their knowledge of the topic they choose to pursue, but also to see the growth of their characters, their life experiences, and their ability to continue their growth.

What would be your thoughts on self-directed learning for use in your class? How can you see this learning method working for your students?



One thought on “Student-Centered Learning

  1. This is a really neat perspective and model that Heick has developed for self-directed learning. Allowing the students the ability and freedom to choose the venue of how they want their learning to take place can definitely support the goal of engaging learners. It will motivate the students to take ownership of their learning.

    Overall, I think that this model could be used in my classroom. I would probably implement it in a modified way. This is because in our courses have a set list of content we need to cover–so students can’t really pick that. BUT they could pick how we cover that content. Give them a choice on how you will meet the learning outcomes–ie) presentations, group work, lectures, etc.

    Another piece of the puzzle/model that can be considered would be to look at the evaluation of the materials. What about expanding this model to allow the students to look at how they will be evaluated for that learning? Allowing them input into the process.

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